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September 5 - 25, 2020

Stephanie Sherwood and Andrew Currey both work two dimensionally, employ a limited color palette, and work within a history and tradition of two dimensional rendering. Crust  compares and contrasts their work while examining the vulnerability and ubiquity with in it.

Where their work diverges is in their rendering:

Stephanie’s paintings are fast, loose and gestural. They are painted from a still life composed by her. Her style and technical approach has allowed her to be prolific, painting her chosen subject hundreds of times on a wide variety of strata.

Andrew’s paintings are meticulous, controlled, and precise. They are painted from a variety of researched photographs, diagrams, images and texts. His style and technical approach is mirrored by the rigor of the research in which he engages to ensure the accuracy of the details depicted in his drawings.  

Gallery Hours

only through private viewings  

September 5 - 25th 

Wednesday - Friday 11am - 5 pm 

Saturday - Sunday 1 pm - 5 pm  

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