Nobody Baby, But You & Me

“Nobody Baby, but You and Me” is a duo exhibition highlighting the work of the lowrider artist couple, Jacqueline Valenzuela and Mark Anthony Hocutt. As individuals they have had completely opposite training for their art practices. Jacqueline pursued higher education and received a Bachelor in Fine Arts with a focus on Drawing and Painting. Whereas Mark has learned everything he knows about airbrush and traditional custom painting from various mentors outside of an academic setting. What lays at the center of their art practices is their admiration for the lowrider community. 

Jacqueline’s work highlights women lowriders like herself. Through the use of bold colors, portraiture and cityscapes she creates compositions that highlight femininity within this male-dominated community. Mark on the other hand uses various techniques, materials and bold colors to create compositions that mirror lowrider pattern work from the 70s, real old school lowrider paint jobs. “Nobody Baby, but You and Me” will show individual culminations of the artist’s work as well as collaborative pieces. This exhibition is a love letter to the lowrider community from a pair of lowrider’s and artist’s.

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November 7 - November 21 

On view by appointment

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