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Flatline is pleased to announce MARKS, an abstract group exhibition featuring the works of Adrien Edwards, Lance Carlson and Jay Park. This exhibition is centered around mark making in abstraction. Taken together, the show highlights each artists individualistic and gestural approach to leaving their mark. 


The show opens April 10 and will be on view through May 1, 2021. 

Adrien Edwards

Adrien Edwards is a painter and sculptor from Long Beach, California.  He obtained his BFA from California State University Long Beach.  He continues to live and work in Long Beach, California.

Lance Carlson 

Lance Carlson is a mixed media artist living in Long Beach, California.

After studying art at California State University, Long Beach,  started his career as an interior designer, working on model homes and apartment communities across the country. Over the years he came to recognize that one of the most important components to solidify the look and feel of a space... the "secret sauce" that would bring everything together, was the selected art.

Carlson believes that living with cherished art can help create an oasis from our daily outside experience, offering something tangible that has the power to deliver a sense of calm or excitement, delight, as well as unique personal style to your home.

His art is about self expression and what can happen when he does so in a fun and playful way. Carlson is excited by the interplay of line, shape, color, texture and how these elements come together to create a unique viewing experience. 

Jay Park 

Jihye "Jay" Park is a South Korean artist working in site-specific installation, abstraction, performance, video, and composer of sound. Studying Fine Art in Japan and Germany. Her understanding of her process has brought her to Los Angeles. Working out of her art studio in Downtown LA.


Park has exhibited her work in numerous exhibitions in Japan, Germany, and Los Angeles. Some selected exhibitions include. “Art Project” Barstow, “Weimar Summer Project” Bauhaus University, “TWS. Tokyo Wondersite” Japan.