past exhibitions 



A Borrowing of Bones

October 17 -31, 2020

 “A Borrowing of Bones" was inspired by the Pablo Neruda's poem "October Fullness" [In the end, everyone is aware of this: nobody keeps any of what he has, and life is only a borrowing of bones.] The Artistic tradition of moments more, and the theory of terror management. Using diverse artistic practices, it will examine the beauty in our own mortality and the different cultural expressions of this terminal elegance that defines human existence.

Curated by Hope Ezcurra

Photos by Frankie Orozco   



September 5 -25, 2020

Stephanie Sherwood and Andrew Currey both work two dimensionally, employ a limited color palette, and work within a history and tradition of two dimensional rendering. Crust compares and contrasts their work while examining the vulnerability and ubiquity with in it. Where their work diverges is in their rendering: Stephanie’s paintings are fast, loose and gestural. Andrew’s paintings are meticulous, controlled, and precise. 

Curated by Sean Cully



June 6 -July 5, 2020

Never Fade Away is a contemporary photography exhibition featuring the works of four  Los Angeles born and raised artists. Valerie J. Bower, Melinda SanchezAntonio De Jesus Lopez and  Felix F. Quintana whose work is filtered through a lens of pride and beauty in appreciating the details that make our spaces so vibrantly unique to LA/Latinx experiences, but also enigmatic, complex and ever-changing due to effects of capitalism and gentrification. Their works impart feelings of resilience and preservation of memories that act as a time capsule of people and narratives to be honored, not forgotten.


Curated by Gloria "GEM" Sanchez 



March 7 -March 20, 2020


A group exhibition featuring the personal sketchbooks and sketchbook pages of artists Daniel A. Rivera-Echeveria, Kimo Bautista, Jose Loza, James Brooks, Chloe Allread, Anthony Zavala, Nick Zegel, Jack Kelly, Daniela Delgadillo Garcia, Oscar Pearson, Stephanie Han, Melissa Hammonds, Samantha Reynolds, Jaqueline Valenzuela, Katie Stubblefied, Kevin Moran, Karina Vazquez, Kahlil Del Rossi, Blak Kanvas, Kim Lujan, and Janey Saavedra.


In the Now Figurative 

August 24 - September 6, 2019


“In the Now Figurative II” is a celebration of the human figure in contemporary artwork. This exhibition is also in conjunction with __flatline's 2 year anniversary celebration.
​Featured Artists:
Aliza Bejarano
Betty Rosen
Dana Blume
Dani Delgadillo Garcia
Kate Sikorski
Kiara Aileen Machado
Robert Nehemiah




JULY 13-26, 2019

FROLIC featured artwork and installation pieces by artists Britny Gledhill and Lana Licata. This material based exhibit was a celebration of color with artworks and installations that engulfed its audience in an energetic and colorful immersive experience while simultaneously commenting on societies' and cultures' views and interactions on the subject. 



May 18 - June 12, 2019 

“Heart is Where the Home is” featured new work by LA based artist Emily Babette. The themes of the show are based on the ideas of home, belonging, and memory.

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