for exhibition proposals

submissions period closed

Flatline Gallery is pleased to announce our open call for exhibition proposals. 

We are looking for exhibition proposals from artists, curators, designers, makers and creatives for solo or group exhibitions taking place during the first half of 2022. 


This call is open to anyone at any stage of their career. International artists are welcomed to apply. International artists must cover all costs involving but not limited to travel, transport of work to and from the gallery, for any questions please email us

How to apply 

Exhibition proposals must be submitted through our submissions form.

No application fee required. 

Please have the following ready before you start the application. 

You will be asked to provide:

Your name

If you are submitting as a group or collective we only need the lead applicant's name. 

All involved

Names of all who will be or are anticipated to be involved 

Contact details

Lead applicant only

Exhibition proposal/statement

See bellow for what to include. It's advised to have this ready before you start your application. Your proposal may later serve as your exhibition statement for social media and press releases but it is not set in concrete and can later be edited as needed.  

Preferred dates for your exhibition 

Your choice will not be set in stone. 

 Details of exhibition programing

 If you would like to organize an event during your exhibition i.e. artist talk, workshop, artist interviews, please provide a short description. 


At least one of these must be listed so that we can see your artwork. email us at if you would like to send specific images. Images must be sent after your application has been completed. 

What to include in your proposal


Describe the exhibition i.e. theme, motif, type of artwork


Artist(s), Collaborators, and the type of artwork in the exhibition. (oil painting, drawing, installation etc)


What is the significance/importance of your exhibition. What are you trying to convey?

See our exhibition proposal cheat sheet for additional help. View PDF


We are always looking to add to our shop's inventory ranging from artist prints, stickers, pins, jewelry, candles and anything in between

The gallery takes a small percentage of all sales. We also list your items on our website and take care of the shipping and handling for you. 

email us for more information at: