Axe of Art

July 17 - August 8, 2021

Flatline is proud to present "Axe of Art" a group exhibition featuring guitars turned to works of art by a diverse group of local artists, Jordan High School students, and staff. This exhibition is in partnership with the Yamaha Cares Upcycle Program and in support of the music program at Jordan High School.

Featured Artists:

Brian Akenoh
Hope Ezcurra
Christian Franzen
Alonso Garzon
Frankie Greco
Alepsis Hernandez 
Jackie Hernandez 
Lana Licata 
Nat Iosbaker

Jose Loza 
Asia Morris 
Jorge Mujica 
Vivian Torres
Joon the Goon 
Karina Vazquez
Helena Toffana

Jordan High Students and Faculty:

Reba Castaneda
Lebron Davis
Adrian Manzo 
Gimena Garcia Ramirez
Drake Smith
Alicia Valiente