"Reliquary of Forgotten Songs"

Hope Ezcurra & Brian Akenoh


Hope Ezcurra is a self taught interdisciplinary artist, currently living and working in Long Beach California. Her primary mediums are assemblage, spray paint, ink, and collage, although she will occasionally work in watercolor and film photography as well.
She was born and spent a large portion of her childhood in Miami Florida. Her father was
Argentine, and her mother was born in New York but raised mostly in Jalisco, Mexico. Her Latin American upbringing often appears in her artwork.
Although she is a self taught artist, she did get a degree in Art History as well as International Business from Cal State Dominguez Hills.
Being environmentally conscious is important to her and she maintains this ethos in her art by often using found, vintage, and upcycled material whenever possible.
The vast majority of her artwork is memento mori (Latin: remember you must die). She is drawn to creating macabre imagery because of its universality. Her artwork speaks to the terminal elegance of life and the fragility of nature. Entropy and death are both what links all life together and tears it apart. In her artwork the cadaverous represents a connection to something larger, like staring up at the stars at night. The imagery is meant to evoke that sense of being small and large at the same time, the sublime. Her artwork is a reminder that we are of the earth and to the earth we will eventually return. It is a love letter to the rust and stardust in all of us

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