All Four Horizons

April 30 - May 22, 2022

Flatline Gallery is pleased to present All Four Horizons, a group exhibition of recent paintings by Molly Champlin, Katie Marshall, and Mirabel Wigon. The show brings together three young artists who interpret the landscape genre while living and working within the context of climate change and the dissolution of long established social, political, and environmental orders. Their work presents different worldviews and painterly processes, enticing new ways of looking at landscape and its potential in contemporary painting. The exhibition runs from April 30 - May 22, 2022 with an opening reception Sunday May 1, 12 - 3 pm. 

Molly Champlin’s coolly seductive paintings evoke digital screens and video-game spectacle. Using the racetrack as a visual motif. Her work explores connections between the idealized vistas of past landscape painting that inspired colonialist expansion and virtual platforms as the newest frontier for the extraction of resources. Molly Champlin is a painter and an MFA Candidate at CSU Long Beach. She holds a BA in English from UC Berkeley.

Katie Marshall’s paintings stem from impressions and memories of long drives, often made alone. Using the road as an existential metaphor, Marshall paints richly colored, lyrical landscapes that incorporate borrowed texts and references to music, roadside architecture, and the human body in order to reflect her own, often contradictory, emotional and psychic states. Katie Marshall is a painter and part-time Lecturer at CSU Long Beach. She holds a BA in Russian from Reed College and an MFA from CSU Long Beach.

Mirabel Wigon creates landscape paintings that grapple with experiences of immersion and separation as she navigates the shifting terrains and intersections of technological, human-made, and natural landscapes. Her painted surfaces are composed of varied textures and material opacities that attempt to reconcile states of real and simulated experience. Mirabel Wigon is a painter and Assistant Professor at CSU Stanislaus. She holds a BFA from CSU East Bay and an MFA from CSU Long Beach.