Dedicated to you: A love letter to San Antonio

October 2 -31, 2021

Flatline Gallery is please to present "Dedicated to you: A love letter to San Antonio" a solo exhibition featuring the works of Galileo Gonzalez.

"Este amor que te tengo a ti
Tu También lo sientes por mi
Enamorado desde que te conocí
yo quiero estar junto a ti"
-Los Sunglows de Dimas Garza, Make it with You

I never expected to leave California. I never expected to move to another state, much less Texas, and leave everything I know to follow my heart and live with the woman I love. In my wildest dreams, I never expected to also fall in love with something else: San Antonio. From the Texan and Oldies that emit from KEDA 99.9FM, the amount of foliage that grows weever the hell it want to grow, and the rasquache way of living, San Antonio has captivated me and inspired me in ways I never imagined. Dedicated to You consists of five paintings the are of what I see daily. They're tributes to the natural wonders that thrive in our backyard. They're a snapshot of a city bt hat continues to resist and grow even when forces like gentrification, the winter freeze, and the poor handling of COVID by the state, are supposed to slow it sown. These paintings are my love letter to a city that I fell in Love with since the first time I got a chance to know her, just like I did with ,y partner, and continue to do so every second.
- Galileo Gonzalez