Sitting on Chrome Copy

June 4 - 26, 2022

"Sitting on Chrome" is a group exhibition highlighting the work of artists who have interconnected their love of lowriding with their bodies of work. These artists have sought creative influence from their surrounding lowrider communities that span from SoCal to NorCal. Their work is meant to bridge a gap between street subcultures and fine art. Showing their audiences that these communities hold so much more than a distorted outsider image of gang-life.

Jacqueline Valenzuela creates multimedia paintings and installations that capture and magnify other women lowrider's who like herself are setting the bar high in the lowrider community. Mark Anthony Hocutt's 70s style lowrider paint jobs show that these lowriders act as moving art that can ride the fine line between street art and fine art. Luis Reyes comes face to face with the cars, individuals and communities that make up this subculture and immortalizes them for decades through photography. Andrew Paul Lopez draws inspiration from his life as a lowrider and this spills into his creative process of tattooing, drawing and painting. Cecelia Perez creates digital works and paintings that give women in the lowrider community a sense of empowerment and belonging. Lastly, Ashley Jennae Garcia is a nail artist who has been influenced by the imagery, nostalgia, and color palettes of the lowriding community; creating intricate nail art designs that womxn wear proudly. As a group each individual artist holds an important pillar in the lowrider world. "Sitting on Chrome" is a culmination of this group's love for their communities and the vast inspiration that lays in their everyday life.