These are not studies, I am not a painter; A series of 500 Paintings

March 13 - April 4, 2021

A solo exhibition featuring the works of Josh Vasquez.
This body of work is a series about time and quantity, the work started in 2016 and continues today (March 2021) with
painting number 330.

There aren't 500 paintings. Not yet. The work is about what happened in between the beginning and the end.
500 is an arbitrary number. It could have easily been 1000.

My paintings chronicle my undergraduate studies at Long Beach State to my current path as a practicing artist.
They are a testament of what I thought painting was
what painting is.
what painting can be.

Notes from the studio about this work 11/2/20
Free association writing. 500 works in the form of a camus.
Philosophy? Absurdism the absurd a continuation of past work new iteration, language, the myth of susuphus self learning through repetition. Self discovery. Im trying to push myself, painting subjects and materials over time, beginning to incorporate concepts, conceptual methods, ideas, and art historical precedence, and homage.
- Josh Vasquez