November 12 - December 12, 2021

Flatline Gallery is pleased to present Uncovered, a collaborative installation by photographer, Melinda E.
Sanchez, and painter, Eduardo Viramontes. The installation features paintings, sculpture, and photographs, some of which are displayed on unconventional canvases that the artists have created together. They feature Melinda’s photographs meshed together with Eduardo’s painting and calligraphy work, using his intricate layering style, to create collaborative pieces that explore the hidden gems and stories of the city. The collective artworks fall outside the lines of traditional mediums by using non-traditional tools and unconventional canvases in order to offer a natural interaction with the environment around them. Together the pieces recreate moments and memories of conversations within the city’s visual language that the artists have each experienced on their own. Both artists are inspired and fueled by this colorful beat that the city exudes everyday. In their separate practices each artist's work recreates the same mystical feeling of being lost amongst the colorful abstractions of textures and language of the city. The works come together through this shared perspective of closely observing the city and its beautiful nuisances. Inspired by the colorful surroundings of their communities, neighborhoods, and family traditions - Melinda and Eduardo have created new works that combine their like-minded aesthetics into a single display. The pieces use photographs of the city shot by Melinda on her daily walks, where she finds her practice taking a therapeutic turn as a way of slowing down her thoughts. She understands the universal hardship every individual faces, and feels that art is an integral mechanism in the process of healing. In similar fashion to his own individual paintings, Eduardo adds and removes layers of paint and color to the canvases acting in the same way the city does. The textural layers are created out of memories of different interactions with the city. The everyday conversations one may encounter with the city’s language in a regular day-to-day walk is what the artists try to recreate in the installation. Eduardo adds to the nostalgia that each photo already carries, by building the texture and the sense of time needed to show what really gives the city its natural beauty. It is what inspires them and reminds them of a familiar surrounding or of some specific sighting. Each layer holds a story or interaction that the artists shared individually while exploring the city. In the city’s landscape lies actual stories under each individual layer of the city’s walls that yearns to be uncovered. The title of the show, Uncovered, comes from the idea of uncovering the layers of paint, buff, culture, and history to bring up conversations about
the people and things that go unseen and lie underneath the ever-changing neighborhoods of Los Angeles. Highlighting the overlooked natural beauty of the city that could only ever truly be appreciated by locals or people who are really seeking it out, Eduardo and Melinda’s work brings these hidden tiers and tales into focus. This effect is achieved by recreating the layers of time and texture, through the process of highlighting and subtracting portions, in order to really spotlight the natural visual delicacies found on the streets.These artworks represent the grit and the gleam of Los Angeles that fuel the
creativity of both artists in real life and in their practice.