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An LA Story exhibition connects the community with street photography depicting life in the City of Angels 

While cruising down Los Angeles in a lowrider, a woman with a razor-sharp stare looks out the passenger window. Her dark hair...


signal tribune

Emily Babette defies the traditional artist-muse relationship in her newest exhibition “Darwin, the Declining Daystar”

Emily explores the concept of performance and defies the traditional artist-muse relationship through a single subject: Darwin Grey.


signal tribune

What is an 'artist'? Josh Vasquez explores absurdity, existentialism and expectations in latest exhibition at Flatline Gallery 

In his current exhibit “These are not studies. I am not a painter,” at Flatline Gallery, Josh Vasquez…


the hilo

‘Never Fade Away’ shows Latinx, Black experiences of resilience

If you’ve driven north on Atlantic Avenue at night over the past few weeks, ...


LA times 

How Long Beach students are turning mail into the most personal art

Sánchez used a postal envelope as her canvas for an illustration of a monarch butterfly perched on a woman sporting “Abolish ICE” hoop earrings.


art clout

A conversation with Elizabeth Munzon of Flatline Gallery 

I met the talented and hardworking young artist Elizabeth Munzon back in October at an art reception,

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