Collaborative artwork by  Eduardo Viramontes and Melinda Sanchez. 

8x10" Photograph by Melinda Sanchez with handpainted lettering by Eduardo Viramontes. 


Eduardo is an artist whos draws from childhood memories and his roots in different Mexican-American subcultures in L.A. He creates from nostalgia and is inspired by the constantly changing cityscape. The calligraphy is usually a stream of thoughts, a poem, or lyrics; created out of years of practice and indulgence in typography, cholo graffiti, hieroglyphics, and sign painting. 


Melinda Esperanza Sanchez is a photo based artist born and raised in Central Califas. She has called Los Angeles her home for the past 20 years and is the backdrop and inspiration of her photography. Melinda describes a common theme in her own work as finding “beauty in the breakdown.” She understands the universal hardship every individual faces, and feels that art is an integral mechanism in the process of healing.