Never Fade Away 

Never Fade Away is a contemporary photography based exhibition featuring works by four artists that are Los Angeles born and raised in the barrio setting and whose works document the broad spectrum of local iconography, visual culture, and inner city communities of color they grew up within. Valerie J. Bower, Melinda Sanchez, and Antonio De Jesus Lopez grew up in the Harbor Area Community of Wilmington, while Felix F. Quintana grew up in Lynwood and South East LA. Both areas are predominantly Latinx and poorer communities that are also surrounded by industrial settings and environmental pollution. Their works are all filtered through a lens of pride and beauty in appreciating the details that make our spaces so vibrantly unique to LA/Latinx experiences, but also enigmatic, complex and ever-changing due to effects of capitalism and gentrification. Their works impart feelings of resilience and preservation of memories that act as a time capsule of people and narratives to be honored, not forgotten.


Curated by Gloria "GEM" Sanchez 

June 6 - July 5 

On view by appointment

Thursday - Sunday 2-7pm 

Public Art Installation

Thursday - Sunday 9-Midnight 

displayed on our front gallery window

email us to schedule a viewing 


public art extension

in solidarity with BLM

This public art and online extension of Never Fade Away showcases photographs from black photographers that celebrate love, resilience and beauty of black lifestyles and culture. 

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