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  past exhibitions


IN THE NOW FIGURATIVE II was an exhibition celebrating the human figure in contemporary artwork. This exhibition was also in conjunction with __flatline's 2 year anniversary celebration. 


Featured Artists

Aliza Bejarano

Betty Rosen 

Dana Blume 

Dani Delgadillo Garcia 

Kate Sikorski

Kiara Aileen Machado 

Robert Nehemiah 

August 24, - September 6, 2019

past exhibitions 


FROLIC featured artwork and installation pieces by artists Britny Gledhill and Lana Licata. This material based exhibit was a celebration of color with artworks and installations that engulfed its audience in an energetic and colorful immersive experience while simultaneously commenting on societies' and cultures' views and interactions on the subject. 


Woks by Britny Gledhill and Lana Licata

July 13- 26, 2019


“Heart is Where the Home is” featured new work by LA based artist Emily Babette. The themes of the show are based on the ideas of home, belonging, and memory.

Heart is Where the Home Is

Woks by Emily Babette

May 18, - June 12, 2019


“Ritual: A Navy Veteran's Perspective” featured new work by artist Andrew Hansen. 

"The fragmentary nature of memory, have influenced my figurative abstractions from reality. This series is a recollection of my 2011 deployment aboard the USS Carl Vinson. As a veteran painter, I feel the urge to capture unique moments from a military person’s perspective. My goal is to inspire other veterans to use visual art to express moments that are inexpressible through words. My work shows various painting styles and techniques as a means to expressively portray the emotions that I experienced at the time of these events."
              - Andrew Hansen

Ritual: A Navy Veteran's Perspetive 

Woks by Andrew Hansen

November 10, 2018